Growing Pains challenge – week 5 report

Ranting About Rectangles - Growing PainsWhew! Another week in the bag. Speaking of bags I have a stuffy, sinus-y head cold I’d like to stuff in a bag and squash. Urgh! But thankfully it did not prevent me from completing my challenge this week, including the extra thing left over from last week. So again – whew!

First thing – Working out! I only had to go once this week because of being sick, so that was nice. But that doesn’t mean I liked the one time I did g0. I do try to make it worth my while, though, as long as I’m there. 90 minutes of working out this time. Bicycle, free weights, stability ball, free weights, modified pushups, some sort of situp equipment that worked my middle, and lots and lots of bicycling again. I found a bicycle I like better than the one I use for warmups, the seat is more comfortable and it’s programable for random hills. (And has a rack for reading a magazine while I pedal. Woo-hoo!) So that’s what I used for the 6 miles of bicycling at the end. Amenaties like that do help the time pass quicker.

Second thing – I cleaned the bathroom. Not my favorite chore by a long shot. But like with working out, if I’m going to do it then I’m going to do it well. I even got the floor free of streaks. And asked my hubby to remind me never to choose a tile bathroom. Grout is awful to get cleaned properly. (Why is it important to get a floor streak-free? It gets footprints as soon as you step on it. I truly don’t understand that one and probably never will.)

Third thing – It was the last week to get an additional order of meat chickens from a hatchery, and I chose not to do it or even mention it. I liked raising meat chickens this spring, and plan to do it again. But there’s no way my husband was going to want to do it again this soon, especially since we haven’t eaten all the ones from the spring yet. So I didn’t even mention it. In fact, when he reads this blog post it will be the first he’s heard about it!

Fourth thing – (Remember I only did two of my three things last week so I had to pick up that slack this week.) I drove my husband and myself to a chicken swap this past weekend. It was a lot of fun to be there! But it was more than an hour away. Neither hubby or I like to drive, so we usually divvy up the driving by the length of it – I do all the around-town driving, and he does the long-distance driving. I’m sure that sounds really strange to others, but it works for us. (And that’s what’s important, right?) But hubby was in need of a few extra hours of studying time this weekend, so I agreed to do the driving so he could study on the way. It was nice to help relieve some of his study stress in a meaningful way.

Five weeks down, and five to go. Halfway there! No personal insights this week. This sinus pressure is significantly reducing my ability to think. I’ll be back on that horse next time.

(New to my Growing Pains challenge? Here’s the original post that explains it:


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