Return to blogging

It has been five years since I wrote on this blog. A LOT has happened, but I stopped blogging when we had some  things to work out. We were foster parents, and not all kids have happy stories that can be blogged about – even with pseudonyms. The raccoons got into the chicken run one night and ate all the chickens. ALL the chickens. It was terrible. Our beloved dog died. Hubby had a delay in getting his PhD. And despite all that, our lives just weren’t all that interesting to people outside our family!

But now, things are back on an even keel. Well, as even as things can be when we have moved from providing foster care to adopting a child, uprooted the entire family (more than just two of us, now!) moved from one coast of the USA to the other with a vehicle break-down in between, started a brand new job, cramped ourselves down to live in an apartment for a year (me, in an apartment! Talk about living inside a rectangle!), started homeschooling our daughter (she’s 8, we call her Girlie on social media), and most importantly for the life of this blog – WE BOUGHT A FARM.

So I begin to blog once more about our out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle. The posting dates won’t match when the events happened for a bit, but I’ll catch you up eventually. I hope you enjoy our adventures!


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