How the blog got started

Have you ever noticed how the workers in the business world are all surrounded by rectangles?

The desks are rectangles. The cubicles – obviously – are rectangles.

Even the items on our desk or screen are rectangles. Paper is rectangular in shape. PowerPoint is based on rectangles. Word documents are obviously rectangles since they are set up to mimic regular paper. Even our computers, computer screens, and the keys on which we type are rectangles! So are memos and post-it notes.

Look at the ceiling – those acoustic tiles are rectangles. The stripping between them is rectangles. In all but the most rare situations, even the light fixtures are rectangles.

Look at the floor –that carpet is actually carpet squares, created to make it easier for the company to replace a damaged area, but surrounding us again with rectangles. Colored carpet or other flooring designating  “areas” make the rectangles more obvious.

The walls are rectangles. The doorways are rectangles. The windows are rectangles. Elevators, bathroom mirrors, filing cabinets, security badges – all rectangles. Framed artwork adds smaller rectangles on top of the larger ones.

I gave this rant in person one day at work, after three straight weeks of dealing with Excel spreadsheets (rectangle overload!) My kind coworker gave me a gift the next day of fluorescent orange ROUND stickers to place on my cubicle walls to help me regain my sanity!

A few months later found me in a completely different state – a different USA state, a different state of mind. We moved for my husband’s education, and I wasn’t able to find a job in my field. Heck, I wasn’t able to find ANY job!  I spent much of my time outside, working in the garden, harvesting blackberries and grapes, working with my animals. When indoors, I learned how to make my own bread and make other things from scratch to save money (since I wasn’t bringing any in!)  I learned that I infinitely prefer that type of work to anything I ever did in the corporate world.

So Ranting About Rectangles was born.


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