Growing Pains challenge – week 4 report

Ranting About Rectangles - Growing PainsRight now I am doing something that I do not want to do. That I hate to do. That I’m only doing because of this challenge. But I do not get to count it for this challenge. Bleh! What I’m doing is admitting that I did not do one of my three things for this week. I only did two.

First thing – Still the gym. I still don’t like it. So although I go, I gripe the whole time. Silently, of course. No need to disturb everyone around me! It doesn’t help that although I’m working out I am actually GAINING weight. I’m doing strength training, not aerobics, so the weight gain is to be expected. I am gaining muscle. My body is changing, though. My waist is slimming, for one. And my ankles feel much stronger. I like both those things. I just reeeeealy wish there were a way to accomplish it other than working out!

Second thing – I traded the one day a week I get with my husband – free of school and books – for the two of us to do transcription. Neither of us like that one, but it needed to be done. We’re not even half way finished with those interviews. So giving up that date day was necessary.  We keep plugging along on those transciptions. Once in a while the tape has one of us making field notes instead of an interview, which is really helpful in interpreting all that goes on during the interviews, but does not move us closer to finishing the interviews themselves. But everything has to be done in order. So we keep plugging along. Doing nearly 100 interviews will be great for the data portion of his Master’s thesis, but boy is it a headache to transcribe them!

I had something in mind for my third thing, but I didn’t do it. I can blame the weather which sent cold wind and rain on the day I had intended to do an outdoor task – but the reality is I just didn’t do it. I could have layered up and done it, but I didn’t. So I do not have a third thing for this week. I did not build any consequences in to this challenge to account for weeks I do not succeed. I didn’t consider the possibility, honestly. I think what I need to do because of last week’s mistake is do four things this week. That way I stay on track for the challenge as a whole.

Four weeks down and six to go! Next week should be better, because I’ll make it better!


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