Growing Pains challenge – week 6 report

Ranting About Rectangles - Growing PainsOne more week down, and it was a success!

First thing – I took over cleaning out the cats’ litter boxes. This has been a job my husband has done as long as we’ve been in this house, but for no reason other than I was glad to let him do it! But this quarter is pretty time-consuming for him at school, and I’ve been trying to pick up a few things that help out more than usual – so this week I took over the litter boxes. Oh, hubby still scoops them when he feels like it, (in a small house like this the more often you can scoop them the better!) but I think he only did that once this week. No guarantees how long I’ll remain the primary scooper, but this is enough for now.

Second thing – I managed to do everything I said I’d do, when I said I’d do it! I can be way too flippant about saying “I’ll do that” or “I’ll put it on my list for tomorrow”. When I do that too much, things start to slip. I get the things done, but not always to the extent I’d like, or in the timing that was stated or implied. But this week I did it! I did the laundry on time. I did more transcribing on time. I scooped litterboxes on time. I had dinner on time. And so on. Yay! I think it would be easier on me to just not say “I’ll do that” so quickly, but rather stop and think about it, and make sure it fits in the priority list before agreeing to it.

Third thing – Working out. Thought I skipped it this week, didn’t you? But no, I didn’t. I’m still recovering from being ill, so I was not successful at a few things like the balance ball. But I came across a comletely empty circuit training room in the gym and spent the unused time in trying out all the machines. I can’t bench press much of anything. Heck, the machine doesn’t go low enough on the weights for it to be comfortable! I definately need to work those muscles. On the other hand, the leg press was awesome – I can press 200 pounds easily. I guess we can tell which muscles I’ve used the most in my life! There were quite a variety of machines in that room, and I tried to do at least 10 reps on each at the top comfortable weight for me. A few that worked muscles that felt like they hadn’t been used in a while, I did a lot more. It was good to have the variety.

Six weeks down, and four to go. It feels good to be on the downhill side of this challenge. It has been harder than I expected it to be – the days just slip by so quickly. Hence my issue with saying “yes” too quickly without considering where the request actually falls in my list of priorities. That’s definately something for me to pay better attention to. We’ll see how I do on that this week.

(New to my Growing Pains challenge? Here’s the original post that explains it:


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