Walnuts after dark

(Originally posted Nov 17 2011)

And before I forget, this weeks’ freebies from Craigslist includes ~60 lbs of Walnuts.

I picked them up from the ground, after dark, with a flashlight, and with the homeowner who I’d never met before. It was a riot. Ever played hide-and-seek in the dark as a kid? It felt like that. The grass was long, the leaves had fallen, and the walnuts were hard to find. But it didn’t take long to realize if we used our FEET to find the walnuts, then we’d leave half the hull on the ground because it broke off when we stepped on it. Bonus! So that ~60 lbs needs shelled still, but only about half of them need hulled.

For those who are curious, 60 lbs of in the hull walnuts = 14 or 15 lbs of in the shell walnuts = 6 or 7 lbs walnut meats. Not bad at all.


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