More free stuff

More Craigslist scores!

Today I picked up 12 free chickens, all 3 years old so laying was slowing down. Nine hens and three roosters. The three roosters and three of the hens are in the fridge already – I love free food! The other 6 hens are on the schedule for Thursday, although I may butcher some of my own laying hens that I don’t think are laying at all, and replace them with a couple of these. I’ll have to see.

One of the roosters was a gorgeous auburn-red color, and another had striking black-and-white feathers, so I kept the saddle feathers from both, and I’ll see if I can sell them or make some jewelry. It’s worth trying.

I also got about three pounds of garden tomatoes, too. (Did I mention I love free food?)

Also, I got the rabbits mated today. Initiating new bucks isn’t easy! Gotta wait until the experienced female is really in the mood so they have a chance of getting it right. LOL! One was still totally clueless, we’ll have to see if he catches on later.


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