More free stuff from Craigslist – I’ve turned in to a Chicken flipper!

(Originally posted Jan 2012)
This is turning into “my blog of things I get from Craigslist”. I’ll have to see what else I can post about.

I recently sold my last four chickens, for $40. That was the last of the 20+ free chickens I got in the fall, and the only ones that were decently behaved egg layers. So they were worth more as money than as food. I didn’t run the complete numbers on the chickens, but it was definately worth it to turn into a chicken flipper for the season. (Some people are house flippers. I’m a chicken flipper. )

I also got two free rabbit cages from a Craigslist poster. He had them listed as scrap metal! It pays to read ALL the listings.

Today’s cheap deal was supposedly four rabbit cages with stacker for $40. When I got there, it became three rabbit cages with baby saver wire, a HUGE grow-out cage with top and side doors, corner stackers, six litter pans, two J feeders, two water bottles, and a metal nestbox. AND the guy helped me load them! I’m sure I looked funny driving down the interstate with a rabbit cage tied to the roof of my car. But what a load for just $40!

So as soon as I can carve out some time, I’ll hang these new cages and move the rabbits into them. With the chickens gone I’m reusing the chicken coop as a rabbit warren, and hanging the cages along the walls. It should save a lot of space, and be easier to roof over.


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