Growing Pains challenge – week 9 report

Ranting About Rectangles - Growing PainsNext to last week completed – only one more to go!

First thing – The gym. I injured my shoulder earlier in the week, so I focused on my legs for this workout. Now they’re sore! But it’s a good sore, the kind that means muscles are growing stronger. I like that. I’d hate to think I’m doing all this working out and getting no benefit. I still haven’t lost any weight at all, so I’m glad *something* good is happening. Strength is good for those of us running backyard homesteads. Almost everything I do requires strength of some kind, so more of it is good.

Second thing – Still not eating out. This is harder than I expected! I’m seriously going through restaurant withdrawal.

Third thing – I clipped my dog’s hair. I didn’t want to do that, but she’s been scratching and I just couldn’t keep it untangled. We’re doing other things for the scratching, and are slowly getting it under control. But once fur starts getting tangled, it just keeps happening, and it causes more problems because she pulls on the tangles when she scratches and that hurts her more. So my beautiful, blonde, long-haired dog is now short-haired. Oh, she’s still beautiful and blonde, but she looks WAY different. Think: clipping an unusually long-haired Golden Retriever until it looks like a poodle. Yeah. If her hair had been able to be spun into yarn I could have made a whole blanket out of the fur I clipped! There really was that much. But at least now we can treat the itchiness without the complication of hair mats.

Nine weeks down, one to go. My hubby feels the same about the amount of school he has left this quarter. “Only one week to go!”

(New to my Growing Pains challenge? Here’s the original post that explains it:


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