Growing Pains challenge – week 8 report

Ranting About Rectangles - Growing PainsI must type this quickly to make my “I will post on Tuesday” deadline!

First thing – The gym. I’m back to going twice a week. It’s good to finally feel healthy again! Even going twice to the gym can’t dampen my happiness about that.

Second thing – I went to my Wednesday night class. I really didn’t want to. I’d had a rough day, and just wanted to sit at home and eat a good dinner and relax. But I know from experience that when I want to skip a normally good spiritual activity to “rest”, it means I need to go regardless of how I feel. So I went, and it was the right thing to do.

Third thing – I didn’t take myself out to eat this week, either! Yay! I want to break myself of that habit, and now is as good a time as ever, isn’t it?

Bonus thing – I cleaned out the car. Cars I drive tend to get very cluttered because I don’t always take out the things  I put in… oops. So I cleaned it out. But it’s not one of my regular three things because I can not remember if I did it this week or last week! I tend to think I did it this week because it isn’t cluttered with new stuff yet.

Eight weeks down, and two to go. I’ll try to post my self-report earlier next week. I tend to not be very eloquent in my writing when I’m dashing to meet a deadline. Like tonight. I have hair dye on my hair, it’s wrapped in a plastic bag, I’m trying not to lean on the back of the couch just in case I have dye on my shirt that I don’t know about, and I have to rinse it out of my hair in … 1 minute. Gotta run!

(New to my Growing Pains challenge? Here’s the original post that explains it:


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