Fireworks, when the selling is over

Selling fireworks was exhausting! I was so tired after my 10 days or so of selling them that I didn’t even set mine off until the 8th. I got to try Ground Bloomflowers, which are pretty cool, they spin on the ground and make a pyramid shape of fire that changes color. Gyro Blooms do the same thing, but they’re bigger and burn longer. Smoke balls are cool, but need to be done in the daylight – a flashlight just didn’t show enough of the color.

Laser Beams were neat – a colored strobe effect that went on for several minutes. I stopped lighting those and put the remaining ones into my emergency bin, as they will provide enough light in an emergency for me to function. (Yeah, that’s the sort of thing I tend to think about sometimes.)

Screaming Terrors make a hideous noise! Not even any sparks to go along with it, and the noise just kept going on and on and on. I think I’ll trash the one I have left, noise isn’t something I find fascinating. But when it’s combined with color and sparks it can be cool, like in the Crackling Balls. They look like plastic smoke balls but instead of smoke they pop open and shower a lot of sparks on the ground that make loud popping noises. Really startled us, they’re so small we didn’t expect such a large display from them.

I think my favorite was the Cuckoo. Lots of color, lots of fountain sparks, and just a little bit of noise. I have a couple Killer Bees, but couldn’t get them to work, they must have gotten wet at some point.

Speaking of getting fireworks wet, not even WhipperSnappers work if they have gotten damp. And they can get “damp” even inside a plastic wrapper from just laying on the ground. They really need to stay inside their cardboard cases, in a display case.

I still have tons of fireworks left. When we closed down the tent we found lots of broken packages that had fallen between the tables and under the display cases. Many of the packages couldn’t be repaired, and the individual fireworks inside aren’t labeled for individual sale. Especially when a firework falls completely apart and you can’t even tell what the random brown paper tube stuffed with powder belongs to. So us volunteers got to take those home. Pretty neat! I volunteer because I want to volunteer, but I keep being given things for doing so. It’s a nice bonus.

My box of broken fireworks – most still work great!

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