The first harvest!

I went to water the garden today and saw that the wild rabbits (or something similar) had eaten into my cabbages. They aren’t as large as I’d like yet, but I picked the one remaining intact one so I could have one that wasn’t already nibbled on. 🙂 Here’s a pic of it in my sink:

Cabbage from the garden
Cabbage from the garden, getting rinsed in the sink

And then I was trimming back some weeds and saw that my blackberries are starting to ripen! I got a collander from the kitchen and picked all the ripe ones. It’s not many, but they’re the first, and that’s exciting.

Blackberries in a collander
Blackberries after being rinsed.

Which means, tonight’s dinner is cabbage and blackberries. *big grin* The snails got the bottom cabbage leaves. The rabbits will get the outside leaves after I prepare it for cooking. and the chickens will get any cabbage left after cdinner. We all benefit!

Have you gotten anything from your garden yet?


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