If there is one thing you have to deal with on a mini-farm, it’s poop.

Dog poop needs to be picked up from the yard – if you don’t want to end up skating on your tush after stepping on it.
Cat poop needs to be scooped from boxes before the cats throw it out onto the floor on their own.
Rabbit poop needs to be collected and put in the compost pile (or you can be like me and just hang the rabbit cages over the compost pile and skip this collection step).
Chicken poop needs to be scraped out of the coop and run and put in the compost pile. (And then fresh shavings put down.)

That is a LOT of poop! Poop is everywhere unless I put the time in to gather it up and put it somewhere out of the way. It piles up quickly.

And then there’s the smell. Living where I do, in the middle of a neighborhood, controlling the smell is extremely important. Plain rabbit and chicken poop smells bad, but I’m glad that in a compost pile it doesn’t.

Gotta run – time for more poop patrol!  If only it were as easy to control other byproducts of mini-farm life.


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