I miss my shoes

One thing I do miss from my former surrounded-by-rectangles life is my shoes. I have many shoes. MANY shoes. Mostly heels, in many styles, colors, and fabrics. And I love them all.

But heels don’t exactly fit in my new lifestyle! Can you see me wearing any of these favorites of mine out in the grassy-muddy yard, shoveling compost, or weighing chickens?

I have giraffe-print stilettos with a Mary Jane strap, from Chinese Laundry – the only pair I paid full price for, I didn’t want to chance not getting them.
Brown suede boots – and their match in black suede. Took me ages to find boots that would fit around my calves and these fit like they were custom made for me.
Satin peep-toe pumps in three shades of blue and one shade of green with a tiny rhinestone buckle.
I have burgandy red 4-inch heels, I have to wear these with one specific pair of super-long dress pants, but I love pretending to be 5’8″ for the day.
Black leather boots with wooden heels and three buckles on the side.
Standard black patent leather pumps in three heel heights, and an additional black pair in aligator-textured leather.
Brown leather flip-flops with a green rhinestone butterfly (those look better than they sound, believe me).
Tan strappy sandals with a stacked heel – purchased for $7 from Payless and with a list of people who want them willed to them if I die.

And that’s not even a quarter of the list.

My shoe selection here tends to be extremely limited. I spend my day in old tennis shoes, with the occasional variety on dry days of a pair of cheap flip flops. For outings, a pair of plain brown suede mules. For around the house, a pair of fuzzy leopard print houseshoes. That’s it! All the others are still put away from the move. I just don’t do anything here where my shoe selection matters. The house, the church, errands, and the occasional dinner out with my husband is pretty much it. When I worked in an office, I had quite a few female coworkers who loved to see my shoe selection for the day, and show me theirs. I miss that.

Maybe I should dig them out and start wearing them anyway. Maybe the homemade bread would taste better if I made it while wearing stiletto heels…


3 thoughts on “I miss my shoes

  1. What type of office job did you used to have? did the job require you to dress up and wear heels? since you have so many shoes or do you just love shoes like most women do? I’m just curious.

  2. I like your blogs. they are accurate and detailed. I would love to see more pictures of the shoes or anything you write about. that will add more color to it.

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