I’m so tired that I…

This has been a crazy tiring few weeks. I was already exhausted from selling fireworks at my church’s fundraising stand when God blessed us with a new foster child. He’s an amazing child. He’s smiley, loves toys, and has a most contagious laugh. He eats, he plays. and he sleeps – sort of. It’s the “sort of” that gets to me!

This week I’ve become so tired that I:

Wore my socks inside out – and once I noticed it I put my shoes on them anyway!
Put my car keys in the refrigerator.
Lost my car keys four separate times.
Put a stick of butter into the dish cabinet.
Spent five minutes looking for my sunglasses that were already on my head.
Drove on autopilot to the wrong store. Twice.
Spent five minutes just standing in an aisle of WalMart – because I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to get there. It was diaper rash cream.
Put both my contacts into the same side of the case.
Forgot to eat at least seven meals.
I haven’t done any laundry except diapers (we cloth diaper) for two weeks.
Forgot to put a plastic bag in the diaper bag twice (and we’ve only been out in public twice – that means I forgot every time.)
Did not notice that new baby broke the cat door that we keep locked, and one of the indoor-only cats got outside (thankfully hubby noticed and we got him back in two minutes, but that one was scary!)
Forgot to lock the car doors – and we *always* lock the car doors.
Lost the tube of neosporin, found it in front of the TV. (Why there? I still have no idea.)
Forgot what day it was and just stared at the calendar wondering which appointment I was missing.
Neglected to look up directions to one of the appointments new baby needed to go to, until I was almost there and had to pull over to figure out where it was.

Have I mentioned I’ve never parented before? I think I’m as tired as any parent of a newborn. But my baby is 25 lbs and does not stay where he’s put! Baby gates are my friend. So is my Mai Tie baby wrap – a wonderful invention.

There have been no disasters. Lots of weirdness, of course! The cats took advantage of my distracted condition and stole chicken breasts straight from the frying pan. The dog is still scared of him, but has overcome it – for mealtimes at least, when she permits him to touch her while she eats the food on the floor around his high chair. My husband put a large roasting pan full of fresh eggs into the oven. It was intended for safekeeping, there wasn’t anywhere else to keep that many eggs away from the cats. And it was safe, until I preheated the oven. D’oh! So the house is chock-full of weirdness right now.

But that’s what makes life, right? And at our house right now, life is good.

life is good - simple as that

P.S. – Baby says afsdlmvpoj2419p8fmdvlknqw98AFDOIUGXD3!


2 thoughts on “I’m so tired that I…

  1. I have been there, friend. Ha – most days I’m still there! But it does get better. Hang in there! 1. Know that this will be worth it. You will make a HUGE difference for DC! 2. Don’t neglect your relationship with God and your marriage. Get a GOOD babysitter and have some date nights. You are gonna need every minute you can get with your sweetheart.

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