About my bras

Today’s post is for the ladies. Hope you enjoy!

Today I washed bras. You know what happens when it gets really hot outside and all your bras need washed at the same time – all thoughts of handwashing those delicate things goes out the window. So I washed a whole load of them, in the washer that’s out in my garage. Waited until it was finished, and then gathered them out of the washer to bring inside the house to dry. So far so good, right?

On my way, a freakishly huge spider dropped from the ceiling onto my arm. I squawked and started swatting at it, sending my entire double handful of wet bras flying – straight into the bin of hay I keep for the rabbits. Seriously. If I had intentionally thrown them from that distance they wouldn’t have all gone in!

So now I’m looking at all my clean but still wet bras covered in little bits of hay. **Sigh** The general consensus on my facebook page is to rewash all of them. BUT the one other farmer-lady who commented said to use masking tape and just remove the hay bits. Wonder whose advice I’m going to take?

Life has been crazy lately – but more updates are coming soon!



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