My cats are eating WHAT?

My cats are crazy! I feed them well. They have a great quality food. And what do I catch them doing?

cats eating peas

They jump up on the stove and eat the bowl of peas I had left there. Peas. PEAS! Aren’t cats supposed to be carnivores? Don’t they like meat? Not mine! Apparantly I have my whole family so well trained that even the cats eat their vegetables! They were there calmly taking turns, even licking the bottom when they were finished.

But they’re not perfectly trained. No cat can ever be. When I left the kitchen to upload the cute photo, they knocked the glass bowl off the stove and onto the stone floor. No more bowl. Silly me, I should have known better! But it’s still a cute photo. I’ve never gotten a snap of my cats eating vegetables before.

broken glassI was too distracted to get a photo of the glass on my own kitchen floor. This photo is courtesy of

Getting the cats to a safe location, getting the dog into another room, etc took all my thought process at the time. Glass is hard enough to clean up without bandging little cat and dog feet on top of it. I love using glass bowls (no plastic) and I love my stone floor (so cool in summer), but putting the two together makes life interesting.

But still, I have a photo of my cats eating peas!


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