I am a dirt farmer

In high school a friend and I had a saying to help us remember something in English Literature class. It was “We be tillers of the soil, we be diggers of the earth. We be dirt farmers!” What it was intended to help us remember I have no idea – the phrase is stuck in my head though it’s meaning has long disappeared.

So I found it very ironic the other day to realize that the most successful part of my mini farm so far – has been the dirt! I am, officially, a dirt farmer.

The chickens are taking their winter break from laying eggs. Out of four chickens I am getting maybe five eggs a week. My rabbits are not breeding like rabbits – not that anybody’s ever do, unless they don’t want them to. Rabbits are contrary that way. And it’s dipping below freezing from time to time now, so gardening is out for this season.

Which leaves the dirt. Or compost, as it’s called in its pre-dirt phase.

The massive pile along the side of the  yard. As I mentioned in a previous post, compost is powerful. And one of its attractions is its ability to keep working even in winter!

I can add to it, I can balance it, I can turn it and aerate it, I can water it (well, here in Oregon the sky does that for me). I see the birds in it when I go outside, and I see the worms in it when I turn it. The bottom of the pile has become a beautiful, rich soil. It’s WORKING. Even in the middle of the cold, rainy season. It’s a nice break from the boringness of the other chores that feel rather – unproductive – in winter.

So, at least for this season, I proudly announce that I AM A DIRT FARMER!


3 thoughts on “I am a dirt farmer

  1. There’s actually a great way to get rabbits to breed in winter; Bring them inside for a week! Put the buck and doe you want to breed in large, ajacent cages indoors where it’s warm and they have lots of light for a few days. Make sure they have a regular light schedule… Turn on a normal top-light when you wake up and turn it off when you go to bed to imitate a wamer time of year. Then try breeding again. It’s certainly worked for me and many breeders swear by it.

    1. Yes! I know people who have had success with that, and with putting an outdoor lightbulb on a timer near the rabbit hutches.

      Too bad my rabbits don’t “breed like rabbits” in winter OR summer. But that’s a rant for another post. Maybe you should stay tuned and I’ll tell that story soon…

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