Growing Pains challenge – week 2 report

Ranting About Rectangles - Growing PainsFor the next 10 weeks, I am going to do three things each week that I do not want to do. It is time for me to grow more as a person – as a wife – as a homemaker – as a child of God – as a person on this earth. There is not a focus on any particular area of my life – it can be anything. Anything that I would not willingly choose to do when given the choice. I don’t know how this challenge will end! Will I be in better shape? Will I be better at keeping the house clean? Will I have learned a new skill? The uncertainty of the outcome is as interesting to me as the challenge itself! The challenge of self-imposed “growing pains”.

Growing Pains challenge – week 2 report:

Success! I successfully did my three things this week that I did not want to do. I’m not sure if this week was easier or harder than last week.

First thing – I went back to the gym. I was definitely proud of myself for joining the gym last week and working out right after joining. But I am even more proud of myself for going back! I started on the stationary bicycle, then went to free weights which I used mostly for bicep curls. Then I went back to the bicycle. Repeated going between those two for about 45 minutes, then finished up with a few minutes on the rowing machine. I’d never used one before, and I find it rather interesting. The hot shower afterward felt really really good.

Second thing – I did the dishes for my husband. Washing dishes is technically his job. But he’s been sooo busy this week getting back into the swing of graduate school. One day he studied for over 12 hours, so I took pity on him and washed all the dishes that had been piling up. He was quite relieved that they were all finished and he did not have to delay going to bed. I’m glad I can use this challenge to make him happy (or is it that I’m glad I can use making him happy as part of this challenge?).

Third thing – I did NOT buy the Cheez-Its.  Yay, me! You may think this is overly simple, but for me it isn’t. Cheez-Its are one of my “crave” foods. They’re just sooo good! But I try to watch my carbs, and I try to watch my dairy intake (it does some unpleasant things to my body), but of course the combination of those foods is something I want to eat quite often. It’s a challenge to not buy them most every time I go to the store, and I sometimes give in. The craving was really strong this week, and of course this is the week I ended up at the grocery store three separate times! But I did not buy them any of those times. And that’s good. I kept reminding myself that if I could resist, I could use this as one of my challenge items. And I did it. Yay!

Bonus thing – I actually worked out twice. The second time I added a balance platform to the workout, and increased the total time to an hour. I used the free weights until I couldn’t lift them any more. Not because my arms were sore, but because the fingers on my right hand cramped up and would not hold the weight anymore! I got a giggle from that one. I never heard of *fingers* cramping up before.

Week two is now complete. I’m really happy with myself. I’m sticking with the working out even though I really don’t want to. I’m learning how to avoid being so stiff after the workouts, which might translate to knowing how to avoid stiffness when I work hard with my animals. It is getting easier to be self-disciplined, which should make life better and easier in general. Two weeks down and eight to go!


3 thoughts on “Growing Pains challenge – week 2 report

  1. Question: What percentage of the weekly challenges need to be something new that you do not enjoy? If you mentioned it in an earlier post, I missed it. It is possible that you do three weekly challenges each week… but at the end of the ten weeks you have actually only done 3 things that you do not enjoy, instead of potentially 30 new things that you do not enjoy.

    1. That is a really good question and I haven’t addressed it before. I don’t think I have an answer. It’s true that if I don’t have to do “new” things that I will have tried fewer things by the end of the challenge. But it’s also true that if I can keep counting one thing I repeat each week that by the end of the challenge I may have developed a new, and good, habit. I may have to make a blog post about this issue, it could use some clarification. Thanks for asking!

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