Experimenting here…

After a short hiatus to visit relatives in Kentucky, I’m back blogging. One of the things I’m working on is trying to find a really good theme for the design of this blog. That’s not as easy as I thought It would be!

The tagline for my blog is “removing rectangles from my life one by one” – so a theme without rectangles was quite important. That was probably the hardest part – almost all the themes have rectangles.

I insist on proper capitalization for the headers and links in my blog. I know doing everything in lowercase is trendy, but it’s not my thing at all. I like proper English too well for that.

I wanted it to be easy to read, which for me includes not having a super narrow column for the main text of the blog.

And I wanted it to be easy for a reader to scroll down to see the beginning of each entry, and the date it was written.

And, at least for now, the theme needed to be a free one. My efforts at self-sufficiency and earning money can’t cost more than they save me. As my previous post noted, I only earned 13 cents in July, so that’s all I have to spend right now.

I think I found the correct theme. It seems to have all the elements I considered important. I can change the background color and header image later if I want. (But not yet, I like purple.) Don’t be surprised if you see additional changes in the future, though. Flexibility is one of the things you need to have to live a lifestyle like this. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else!

To that end, feel free to tell me what you think of the new design theme. Colors, layout, my choices for the right column. Thanks!


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