Bitten by a chicken

Hey, that rhymes! Seriously though, I got bitten by a pullet tonight. Not pecked – bitten. I didn’t know they knew how to do that!

The chickens have been on lockdown for the past three days in the hope of getting them to roost in the coop instead of the trees. But three days wasn’t long enough, and two were back in the trees tonight. So I pick up one and put her in the coop. Pick up the other, and BAM she’s hanging from my arm by her beak! Yes I still have a hold of her legs, but she’s not letting them support her weight – she has her beak holding some skin on my arm and THAT is what is supporting her weight. I yelp, she lets go, and I dash to the coop and put her in before she can think to do it again. That HURT.

I have been pecked by a chicken before, and while it hurts, it’s sudden and then over. I actually dislike the bites worse, they last longer and seem to hurt more. But honestly I had never thought a chicken would really do anything other than pecking. Cats have bitten me, rabbits have bitten me, but never a chicken. Guess it’s a wasted day if you learn nothing at all!

I suppose I was destined to have a strange chicken. She must realize she fits in well with me!


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