Homestead injuries

Have I mentioned recently that I’m still getting the hang of this homesteading thing? This weekend was the worst. I am cut and bruised and swollen all over, from multiple things. Ready for the list?

First of all is a bunch of scratches on my left arm and stomach. They are from the mother rabbit that gave birth a couple days ago. She didn’t want to nurse, so I have been taking her out of her hutch and over to her kits and encouraging her to stay there by feeding her grass and clover. Works well, except she does NOT always want to leave her hutch – and rabbits, while cute and cuddly, also have very strong back legs tipped by very strong and sharp nails… So I have a pair of 10-inch scratches on my arm, and a trio of 4-inch scratches on my stomach. But the kits are fed, and that’s what matters, right?

Next is a wrenched back, a small cut on my arm, a deep cut on my leg, and a deep bruise on the same leg. They are from a seat breaking. I was sitting in the yard, supervising the mother rabbit with her kits, when my seat broke and pitched me backwards. I had a semi-soft landing – in the manure pile. Ewwww. Manure on my neck and shirt and arm, bleeding from my leg, and hurting in my neck, shoulder, and upper back. This accident was a bad one. I’m glad my husband was there to help me up, help me get cleaned, and spritz me with antibacterial spray.

Next was a twisted ankle. I mean, really? I’m walking on the SIDEWALK and step off it to avoid a trash can, and step in a hole. Grrrr.

And lastly I go outside this evening to do the evening animal chores, and got attacked by about a hundred mosquitos. OK, maybe not a hundred, but several dozen at least. Mosquitoes don’t usually bother me, it’s been about 10 years since I even remember having a single mosquito bite. But by the time I get indoors, I have EIGHT huge mosquito bites. The size of bee stings! I hopped in the shower to rinse everything off, and dabbed a baking soda poultice on each bite. That takes the itch away, but only for as long as the baking soda stays on. If my clothing brushes it off, it goes back to itching and needs it again.

So that was my weekend. Punctuated by a phone call to wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day, of course! She was very sympathetic about all my injuries. Mothers can be good about that, can’t they?

Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe no new injuries!


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